Providing IPS-based Platforms for Pharma & Research Institutions

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Structure Leads to Improved Cell-Based Assay Outcomes

StemoniX provides products and services for drug discovery and development. We structure human iPSC-derived cells into physiologically relevant microtissues with accelerated cell maturity that mimic the native organ tissue. Predictive, accurate, and consistent, our in vitro human cell models enable scientists to quickly and economically conduct research with improved outcomes in a simplified workflow.



StemoniX Products


Structured human cardiac cells in high density screening plates to match native human heart tissue



Functional human neuronal circuitry in high density screening plates to mimic human brain tissue in vitro


StemoniX provides manufacturing and drug screening services and development partnerships:

Human iPS Cell Manufacturing

“Human iPS Cells From Millions to Billions”

We offer high volume, economical manufacturing platforms to expand human iPS cells with lot sizes exceeding 1 billion cells, differentiate to cardiac and neuronal cells, structure into physiologically relevant microtissues, and plate onto high throughput screening plates.

Differentiation-Ready Offering:

  • Human iPSCs
  • Human Neural Progenitor Cells


Discovery as a Service

Custom Assay and Disease Model Development

Leverage StemoniX expertise to develop physiologically-relevant human cell-based assays to improve your drug discovery research and screening outcomes.

Drug testing for drug discovery and high throughput screening, safety pharmacology, and investigative toxicology.

Our platforms include kinetic cellular assays with high throughput plate and multimode plate readers, high content imaging, and electrophysiology

Why StemoniX?

We grow, differentiate, and print organ cells from skin cells, in a way that makes them biologically accurate, to better predict their toxicity and improve efficacy.


Blue: DNA staining of fibroblasts highlighting their nuclei

Red: Phalloidin staining of Actin Cytoskeleton

Our technology includes the ability to create a variety of organ cells that can mimic diseases to help accelerate the discovery of new cures in the areas of heart disease, dementia and neuromuscular diseases.

Why StemoniX?

About Us

Our team and scientific board have vetted StemoniX IP with over $200M and a track record of success


Meet the StemoniX Team

MS, MBA, PMP, PgMP, Ping has formed and led teams to producing world-changing devices. His expertise focuses on merging core intellectual property from startups to F100 corporations.
Ping Yeh | Founder & CEO
Dr. Bob Petcavich, Cofounder & Chief Science Advisor of StemoniX, is a successful serial inventor and entrepreneur, holding nearly 60 patents.
Robert Petcavich | Co-founder
PhD in cell-based assays for high throughput cancer drug discovery. A leader at the Dept. of Medicine & Division of Cardiology at University of California, San Diego.
Fabian Zanella | Head of Cell Biology
MD MBA FACEP, Dr. Khaleghi has led the personalized medicine process for WellnessFX as their medical director. He has also served as CMIO of the Noble Health System, and published 6 health books.
Murdoc Khaleghi | Chief Medical Officer

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