Stemonix Products: Cells

StemoniX is setting a new standard for human stem cell technologies to meet the demands of drug discovery and personalized medicine.

iPS Cells

Our hiPSCs are generated with the RNA-based Sendai virus. They express established pluripotency markers such as OCT4, Nano, LIN28, and SSEA-4 and differentiate into cell derivatives from the 3 embryonic layers – neuronal marker beta III tubulin, smooth muscle actin, and hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 beta.  Using our high volume, automated processes, we produce uniform, reproducible batches of hiPSCs using chemically defined growth conditions.  Our hiPSCs are available in cryopreserved aliquots of 1 million viable cells and validated for viability, karyotype, pluripotency, morphology, passage number, and lack of contamination.

Cardiac Cells

Our cardiac cells are physiologically accurate. They represent the diversity of cells in native human heart tissue and expresses prototypic cardiac markers, including contractile proteins and cardiac transcription factors. Our cardiac cells also function like native human heart tissue by spontaneously beating, responding to adrenergic stimulation, such as electric activity, calcium flux, and contractile activity, and responding to ion channel inhibition.

Neuron Cells

Our neuronal cells, available in bulk and 3D neurosphere format, are physiologically accurate and mature, consisting of a mixture of glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons and astrocytes. When plated, they spontaneously create functional neuronal circuitry and synapse, demonstrate synchronized neuronal activity, and are responsive to excito-toxic molecules such as glutamate and kainic acid.