microBrain® Platform

Functional human neuronal circuitry in high density screening plates to mimic human brain tissue in vitro

StemoniX microBrain® platform is a pre-plated, assay ready high throughput platform that more closely resembles the tissue architecture of native human brain tissue. Each well contains functionally and electro-active neuronal cells that are physiologically accurate and mature, spontaneously create functional neuronal circuitry and synapses, demonstrate synchronized neuronal activity, and are responsive to excito-toxic molecules such as glutamate and kainic acid. The human iPSC-derived neuronal cells in microBrain plates are a physiologically relevant mixture of cortical glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons and astrocytes. The microBrain platform is currently available with StemoniX screening services for applications such as disease modeling, neurological/neurodegenerative drug screening, and neurotoxicity assays. Coming soon, microBrain Assay Ready plate products will be available pre-plated with StemoniX human iPSC-derived neural cells providing accelerated features of maturity with functional neuronal circuitry and synapses, delivered in ambient conditions and ready for assay use to simplify your workflow.