microHeart® Platform

Structure Leads to Improved Cell Based Assay Outcomes

Accelerate your discovery with microHeart® Cell Ready and Assay Ready plate products for your drug discovery and development projects.

StemoniX microHeart® platform provides a structured environment in high density assay plates for human iPSC-derived cardiac cells to passively align into a physiologically relevant model to closely represent human heart tissue. microHeart Cell Ready and Assay Ready products provide an ideal model for cardiotoxicity and cardiac safety studies, high throughput screening and drug discovery. microHeart’s structured substrate accelerates features of cell maturity when compared to standard cultureware with a flat substrate, resulting in functionality and responses which can improve drug screening assay outcomes and reduce cost. The effectiveness of the structured substrate is evident by:

  • Increased expression of key cardiac physiology genes
  • Enhanced organization of sarcomeres
  • Improved calcium handling
  • Coherent directionality of contraction
  • Faster beat rate

microHeart Products:

  • microHeart Assay Ready plate products are pre-plated with StemoniX human iPSC-derived cardiac cells providing structured cell organization and accelerated features of maturity, delivered in ambient conditions and ready for assay use to simplify your workflow. Available in 96 and 384 well formats.
  • The human iPSC-derived cardiac cells in microHeart Assay Ready plates are physiologically relevant and represent the diversity of cells in native human heart tissue, expressing prototypic cardiac markers, including contractile proteins and cardiac transcription factors. The cardiac cells function like native human heart tissue by spontaneously beating, responding to adrenergic stimulation, such as electric activity, calcium flux, contractile activity, and responding to ion channel inhibition.
  • microHeart Cell Ready plate products are ready for plating with your cells allowing for structured cell organization and accelerated features of cell maturity. Available in 96 and 384 well formats.

Applications of microHeart

Safety Pharmacology & Investigative Toxicology

  • hERG Channel Liabilities (Long QT)
  • Ca2+ Flux
  • Membrane Potential (voltage/depolarization)
  • Cell Viability and Toxicity

Drug Discovery & Screening

  • GPCR and Ion Channel Biology
  • Signaling Biosensors

Disease Modeling

  • Acquired Long QT syndrome
  • Cardiac Hypertrophy
  • Genetic Cardiomyopathie
  • Infection Induced Cardiomyopathies

Platform Compatibility

  • High Throughput Plate Readers (e.g. FLIPR)
  • Multi-Mode Plate Readers
  • High Content Imaging
  • Optical Flow

Ordering Information

Product Name Catalog #
microHeart Assay Ready 96-well plate MHARX-AA-0096
microHeart Assay Ready 384-well Plate MHARX-AA-0384
microHeart Assay Ready 1536-well plate Call 855-783-6669
microHeart Cell Ready 96-well plate MHCRX-AA-0096
microHeart Cell Ready 384-well Plate MHCRX-AA-0384
microHeart Cell Ready 1536-well plate MHCRX-AA-1536