Application Note

Application Note

microBrain® Assay Ready

Viral Infection Assays using StemoniX microBrain®Assay Ready Plates

The StemoniX microBrain® Assay Ready platform is designed for investigation of the efficacy and neurotoxicity of pharmaceuticals in high throughput screening studies. Pre-plated with a nominal 50/50 mixture of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cortical neurons and astrocytes from a single donor source, the microBrain Assay Ready platform is also ideal for modeling neurological diseases.

  • microBrain Assay Ready is an ideal platform to study neurotrophic viral infectivity and to screen drugs to inhibit viral infection.
  • microBrain Assay Ready plates offer high assay consistency (Z') for therapeutic screening.
  • microBrain Assay Ready Plates provide a physiologically relevant mixture of human neurons (Glutamatergic and GABAergic) and astrocytes in a ready-to-use format compatible with typical high throughput screening platforms.



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Product Name Catalog #
microBrain Assay Ready 96-Well Plate BCARX-AA-0096
microBrain Assay Ready 384-Well Plate BCARX-AA-0384

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