Discovery as a Service

Discovery as a Service

Structure Leads to Improved Cell-Based Assay Outcomes

Discovery as a Service

Where can we meet you on your drug discovery journey? StemoniX® Discovery as a Service (DaaS) program provides access to our physiologically relevant human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based platforms along with scientific experts to design, perform, and analyze your experiments. From cells to assays to data, we leverage expertise in cardiac and neural cell-based toxicology and drug discovery and development studies to generate high quality, consistent results for your custom service needs including:

  • Disease Modeling
  • Assay Development
  • Drug Screening (Efficacy and Toxicity)
  • Human iPS Cell Manufacturing

Capabilities and Applications

StemoniX DaaS offers a full range of expertise and capabilities for in vitro disease modeling, assay development, and functional and phenotypic high throughput screening. StemoniX can conduct Discovery as a Service on StemoniX microBrain and microHeart iPSC-derived cell-based platforms, with StemoniX’s iPS-derived cell lines as well as customer provided cell lines.

StemoniX supports DaaS projects with an infrastructure of state-of-the-art platforms:

  • High Throughput Kinetic Plate Reader
  • High Content Imager
  • Microelectrode Array
  • Multi-Mode Plate Readers
  • Automated Liquid-Handler

Synchronized spontaneous calcium oscillations from microBrain 3D Assay Ready


Our scientific team includes world experts in stem cell biology, drug discovery, materials engineering, and bio- and micro-manufacturing. Let our team help you discover and develop more effective and safer medicines.

Expand your iPS cells

Differentiate to organ cells

Shape for physiological relevance

Plate for high throughput drug screening

Applications of Discovery as a Service

Relevant examples of Disease Modeling, Assay Development, and Drug Screening applications using StemoniX platforms and capabilities include:

For cardiac-based projects, the StemoniX microHeart® platform:

  • Consists of pre-plated human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes aligned into physiologically relevant structures that closely represent human heart tissue
  • Accelerates features of cell maturity
  • Results in functionality and responses that can improve assay outcomes

For neuro-based projects, the StemoniX microBrain® platform:

  • Is a pre-plated neural culture in monolayer (microBrain Assay Ready) or 3D spheroid (microBrain 3D Assay Ready) format
  • Consists of mature human cortical neurons and astrocytes derived from a single source
  • Demonstrates highly functional synaptic networks closely resembling human brain tissue for improved assay outcomes

Cardiomyocytes plated on microHeart display readily identifiable and aligned sarcomeres

microBrain monolayer and 3D spheroid cultures display extensive neural networks of functional neurons (glutamatergic and GABAergic), astrocytes, and well-developed synapses.

High throughput calcium flux analysis indicates faster and more efficient calcium handling of human cardiomycoytes in microHeart

Significance in unpaired t-test, **** p® High-Throughput Cellular Screening System

MEA traces of microBrain show robust synchronous electrophysiological activity at the network level

microBrain exhibits a responsive GABAergic circuit

Manufacturing Services – Millions to Billions

Leveraging StemoniX cell-based manufacturing platforms, we offer development and manufacturing services to:

With our scalable, differentiation-ready manufacturing offerings, we can convert millions of your cells to billions of high quality iPS and iPS-derived cells including:

  • Cardiomyocytes
  • Neural progenitor cells
  • Cortical Neuron (Glutamatergic and GABAergic) and Astrocyte Balanced Culture
  • 3D Neural Spheroid

StemoniX can shape and plate your cells to create custom, pre-plated microHeart Assay Ready, microBrain Assay Ready, and microBrain 3D Assay Ready plates. These plates are manufactured with a rigorous quality system and delivered under ambient shipping conditions to your facility, ready for assay use after a brief preparation process. The microHeartmicroBrain Assay Ready, and microBrain 3D platforms can each be customized with your cells.