microBrain® 3D Neurotoxicity Profiling

Neurotoxicity Profiling of a Diverse Chemical Library

In this application note, we highlight results from a recent publication evaluating StemoniX's microBrain 3D Assay Ready platform as a neurotoxicity screening platform by comparing its application in a calcium oscillation assay with traditional cell viability assays using a diverse library of compounds provided by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). Through this study, we showed that:

  • microBrain 3D is a powerful biologically relevant tool to assess the neurotoxic potential of environmental toxins and drugs in a high throughput screening format.
  • microBrain 3D identified significantly more potential neurotoxins via physiologically relevant phenotypic calcium oscillations than conventional cell viability assays, particularly for pesticides and flame retardants.
  • microBrain 3D detected clear, concentration dependent perturbations of the calcium oscillation patterns in 61% of the library compounds compared with only 21% and 26% in cell viability and mitochondrial health assays, respectively.

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