microOrgan Platform Technology

Stemonix’s microOrgan plates contain ready-to-use functional microtissues engineered from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). Designed to enable high throughput human drug screening without the need for drugs to enter a human body, microOrgans offer the potential to deliver significant cost and time savings to the pharmaceutical industry, while potentially enhancing the safety, consistency, and accuracy of human clinical trials.

A Substantial Market/Medical Opportunity

Conventional drug development is an exceedingly high-cost, high-risk venture. On average, a new drug requires 10 years and $1 billion to advance from bench to bedside with a clinical trial failure rate of approximately 90%. Approximately $20 billion is spent annually on drug development that ends in failure.
Heart and brain toxicity are the two leading causes of toxicology-related drug failures in clinical studies, a result of the inferior animal models used in preclinical testing.  microHeart® and microBrain®, the world’s first ready-to-use assay plates containing heart and brain microtissues, are designed to address this significant market opportunity by offering better prediction in drug toxicity and efficacy tests because they more naturally reflect human heart and brain physiology.
Further, StemoniX’s high-volume manufacturing processes, which can produce more than one billion cells per batch, are able to achieve economies of scale that allow pharmaceutical companies to screen drug candidates on human cells rapidly, accurately, and affordable.

Products and Services


microBrain® 3D Assay Ready

Human iPSC-derived cortical spheroids pre-plated for high throughput screening and drug discovery



microBrain® 2D Assay Ready

Mature, balanced culture of human iPSC-derived cortical neurons and astrocytes pre-plated in high density screening plates



Neural Progenitor Cells

Multipotent human iPSC-derived NPCs in a cryopreserved format that can consistently generate high yields of functional cortical neurons and astrocytes



microHeart® Assay Ready

Structured human cardiomyocytes pre-plated in high density screening plates to match native human heart tissue


microHeart® Cell Ready

Novel high density screening plates that align plated cardiomyocytes into physiologically relevant structures for drug discovery and development



Discovery as a Service

StemoniX offers drug discovery and development capabilities for in vitro disease modeling, assay development, functional and phenotypic high throughput compound screening, and custom iPS cell manufacturing