microBrain® 3D Assay Ready

StemoniX® microBrain® 3D – A Platform for High Throughput Drug Discovery

StemoniX microBrain® 3D Assay Ready is a powerful human iPSC-derived cortical spheroid screening platform with a nominal 50/50 mixture of cortical neurons and astrocytes. Spheroids contain functional and measurable glutamatergic and GABAergic circuitry and display spontaneous and synchronous calcium oscillations that can be pharmacologically modulated. Plates are compatible with typical high-throughput screening platforms and are delivered pre-plated, ideal for use in disease modeling, drug discovery and development, and toxicology applications.

Immunostain of StemoniX microBrain 3D spheroid showing neurons


microBrain 3D Assay Ready 384-Well plates contain a single, uniformly sized spheroid in each well

StemoniX microBrain 3D spheroid calcium oscillations

StemoniX microBrain 3D spheroid calcium oscillations following 4-AP

Ordering Information

Product Name Catalog #
microBrain 3D Assay Ready 96-Well Plate BSARX-AA-0096
microBrain 3D Assay Ready 384-Well Plate BSARX-AA-0384

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